Acupuncture provides safe help for a wide range of health problems including chronic and acute pain. Positive results are typically felt within 1-3 sessions.  Frequently there is total elimination of pain, and may be an alternative to surgery in certain situations.

acupunctureAcupuncture is the use of ultra-fine disposable needles which are inserted at specific points of the body to precisely redirect the flow of qi energy. There are thousands of acupoints on the body, with over 360 being commonly used. Each has its own specific function. Depending on the desired effect, different techniques can be used to either stimulate, sedate, or regulate the flow of qi. A typical insertion can last from fifteen to forty minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the desired outcome. Generally, the longer the insertion, the more sedating the treatment will be.

Each point has its own specific depth at which the needle should be inserted. Every licensed acupuncturist is well aware of any organs, nerves, or vasculature underneath and surrounding every point and can thereby avoid any adverse effects. After a treatment, most patients feel relaxed and rejuvenated with partial or total relief of major symptoms treated.

Most treatment courses run from one to ten treatments. For severe chronic problems a treatment course can be as long as ten treatments, with up to three treatment courses given. Many patients enjoy one treatment per week as a health maintenance measure.

Acupuncture With Michael Fox
by Peter Bedard of Create Your Health


EMASSome patients may benefit from or enjoy the use of EMAS (Electronic Meridian Analysis System) a state-of-the-arts analysis software.  The research and development of EMAS is based on the original Ryodoraku theory from Japan, and some new ideas and supplements. It provides traditional Ryodoraku analysis readings, ratios, a 12-meridian chart and Ryodoraku treatment points. Traditional Ryodoraku theory measures 24 representative points, then calculates ratios based on those readings, including average body energy, upper and lower body energy ratio, left and right side energy ratio, internal and external (yin and yang) energy ratio, autonomic nerve ratio, and of course, the twelve meridian chart.   EMAS integrates Ryodoraku theory with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

EMAS generates a visual graph which can be used to monitor relative states of meridian balance as they change over the course of several treatments.  The report also offers nutritional strategies that can be used by the patient at home to accelerate optimum health.

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